ADSR envelope generator

This project is a envelope generator with Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release (ADSR). It outputs two CVs, one inverted. The envelope generator is based on the ASM-1 ADSR.

Component placement for stripboard. It's a bit chaotic!
  1. Start with cutting the stripboard, and mark out some of the components.

  2. Solder all the links (Yes, it's a tedious work...).

  3. When all links are in place, solder the resistors (I could only find an old 180k resistor but it's good enough).

  4. After the resistors I usually solder the IC-holders. Note that I use two 8-pins just next to each other, you could use a 16-pin instead, but since I'm going to insert two different opamps (TL072 and LM358) it feels better with two 8-pins... :-)

  5. When all the links, the resistors, and the IC-holders are in place it's rather easy to navigate and make all the interruptions. I usually do this by hand, turning a 3mm drill between my fingers.

  6. Then solder the rest of the components. When all onboard components are in place it's a good idea to check the soldering to find any shorts with a multimeter.

  7. Solder the in and out jacks, use heat shrink and cable ties to make it neat and durable. And, just to be sure check all connections again, use the multimeter and refer to the schematic.

  8. If everything is correct insert the ICs. Notice that the 4002 is placed opposite to the other.

  9. Finally there are some calibration needed. Please refer to the ASM-1 ADSR instructions and check also the Elby design instructions.

  10. The finished envelope generator without the faceplate.

  11. Two finished ADSRs.

That's it! Have fun and create some control voltages!


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