8 step sequencer

This project is a 8 step seuencer, based on the Baby 10 sequencer widely spread on the internet. My version uses only 8 of the steps. I have also made some additions on the CV output and for the clock input, see schematics below. The sequencer has a clock input, a CV output and a Gate output, and one reset switch.

Unfortunately there are no building instructions for this module, but at least you'll find the schematic, some photos, and some comments.

CV adjustment schematic
Clock input and gate schematic
Component placement for stripboard

Please note that this draft is not complete around the input and the outputs...

  1. The finished module. A bit unclear faceplate maybe... :-)

  2. Another photo of the finished module.

  3. Finished module with some text, mounted in the modular.

  4. Playing around with the sequencer, testing Range and Offset (and tweaking the synth a bit).

    A quantizer would be nice to add to this module though...

That's it! Have fun and create funny sequences!


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