1 to 3 multiple

Sometimes you need to split a signal to be able to send it to more modules than one, it can be gate or clock signals, or even audio signals. This is a 1 to 3 buffered multiple, so one input are copied to three outputs. I've build four of these, making use of three TL074 op amps. This can actually be easily facilitated by just wiring four jacks together, but this design uses op amp buffers for each output. This buffer prevents connected modules at the output from loading the multiple, and by that means also prevents loads between connected modules.

Unfortunately there are no building instructions for this module, but at least you'll find the schematic, some photos, and some comments.

Component placement for stripboard (sorry for the poor hand drawn layout)
  1. The multiples mounted in the modular

That's it! Have fun and split your signals!


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