Noise source and sample & hold

No modular is complete without a noise source. I use noise quite often when I make music, so I really wanted to add a nice noise generator in the modular. The noise generator is inspired by Eric G with some changes. My version outputs White noise, Pink noise, Red noise, and Blue noise. None of these outputs are really Pink or Red etc, but they are filtered noise. The noise are based on a 1N759a zener diode.

When the noise source were finished I had some space left on the faceplate, so I added a sample and hold unit to extract random voltages from the white noise. Many thanks to Magnus Danielson for ideas and discussions! The sample and hold is based on René Schmitz's circuit, and the built in LFO is based on the ASM-1 LFO. The sample and hold has controls for LFO speed and CV range, and outputs for CV and Gate.

Unfortunately there are no building instructions for this module, but at least you'll find the schematic, some photos, and some comments.

Schematic for the noise
Unfortunately I don't have any copy of the hand drawn component placement for stripboard for the noise generator
Schematic for the sample and hold
Component placement for stripboard for the sample and hold
  1. The finished noise module without a faceplate.

  2. The finished sample and hold module without a faceplate.

  3. The noise module mounted in the modular.

That's it! Have fun and create interesting music!


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