Power cables

This is very simple, but never the less important. Power cables for your eurorack modules!

  1. First cut the cables to your desired length. It might be good to use different colored cables to make it easier to hook them up correct later. I usually use red for +12V, black for -12V, and orange for GND.

  2. I usually use 5x2 pins break away female headers, for +/-12V and GND, and 8x2 pins for +/-12V, +5V and GND.

  3. And I use cable ties and heat shrink.

  4. Cut the pins you don't use. Doepfer uses all three (x2) middle pins for GND, I only use the middle pin (x2).

  5. Strip the cable.

  6. And bend it so it'll grip around two pins.

  7. And solder it in place.

  8. Cut the heat shrink, use either transparent or different colors, and shrink it. This will both isolate between pins, but also strengthen the connection.

  9. Use the cable tie to hold the cables together. This will also make the connection more durable.

  10. You'll probably need lots of power cables for all the fun DIY modules...

That's it! Have fun and keep blipping with your modular synth!


Updated - 2013-08-31 19:48
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