I'm making lot's of music, is it possible not to? Usually the music are quite electronic sounding, hence to my interest in synthesizers. Here you will find a mixture of some of the music that I have made the past 15 years.

For new music check my Soundcloud page!

Or some Norator music, or Norator's Soundcloud page.

Misc music

These are not very new and in no order.

My contributions to the SAS compilation CDs

I am a proud member of the swedish mailing list SAS (freely translated Swedish Analogue Sympathizers). This mailing list concerns everything about synthesizers, especially old analogue gear. We have made a couple of CD's and here are my material to these:


This is a synth pop project. All songs will have lyrics (in swedish) but in these samples there are only some General Midi "Piano" playing the song melody. Maybe, a new and modernized version could be a Norator song?


Some music made for DreamHack. Some of it were used, and some not. Anyway I'm still quite fond of the music.

The Art Of Science

These are some song inspired and generated from the images found here: The art of Science

The GermanKraft Project

Just playing around making Kraftwerk-sounding music... Saved from an old compact cassette.

Electronic Pop Music

I'm not sure what to call this... Is it techno? Or disco? Or what? These are also saved from an old compact cassette.

Publish or Perish

These are some simple songs I made at the opening of the new publishing facility at the university.

Coda mobile

Here are some more old examples. I wrote these songs to some friends who worked with the student radio at the university, and the music were used as background music late in the evening.

Distant Journeys

Listening to music should be like making a journey. The music should bring images to your mind, it should tell you a story, and take you away from the reality and the world that you're listing to the music in. These songs a quite old and recorded an a compact cassette. These songs are about 10-15 years old...
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